Application for admission to the

Interessengemeinschaft Seezeichen e.V. (IGSZ)

in form of:
    Standard Member (annual fee 20,- €)
    Family Member (annual fee 30,- €)
    Organisational Member (annual fee 40,- €)


Given name(s):


Address (street + no.):

Place, Postal code:

Full phone number:


Special Interests:


I/we agree that my/our personal data are stored on electronic devices
and may be passed around amongst the members of IGSZ.


As our administration is strongly facilitated by automatic debit transfer,
we ask you for permission to do so:

We appreciate if you increase your annual minimal fee (as above) to further support our work.

Annual amount to draw in:


Account holder:


Financial institution:



This declaration I want to...
    ...print out and send it by surface mail to:
          IGSZ-Mitgliederverwaltung, D.+S. Sewing, Goethestr. 3, D-41464 Neuss
    ...only send it via eMail (no subscription, we will contact you;
          JavaScript needs to be enabled in your browser).






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